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Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Discover the secrets of our Online Virtual Wine Tasting Class and learn how to properly drink and taste wine with an Italian wine instructor!


246€ 159€


What will you learn during the online virtual wine tasting class?


Go step-by-step through the process of tasting: sight, smell and taste


The right way to pour a glass of wine and how to hold your glass like a “pro”


Recognize the colors of wine and identify aromas through your nose


Taste both the structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavors derived from olfaction


Tannins: the element that completes the flavor by adding bitterness and astringency.


Learn about terroir, the geographical aspects, the climate of the area and the type of soil


The perfect drinking temperature for different wines


Pair specific wines with food

Do you know how to choose a good wine?

Are you trying to select a wine for yourself to enjoy, or are you sharing with friends? Wines can serve different purposes, and different occasions can influence how you choose a wine.

Stop being confused over which wine to pair with which food because of the conflicting advice that is out there.
During our wine course you will find an answer to all of your doubts!

This will allow you to answer questions like:

  • What are the best wine and food pairings?
  • Do I have to wait after opening a bottle before drinking it?
  • What’s the service temperature for the wine?
  • What kind of wine can be aged?
  • Which is the right position to stock bottles at home?
  • How long can an open bottle be stored?

Torciano Wine Tasting School

Have fun with your friends while learning about Italian wines! Join a private virtual wine tasting at home, sit on your sofa and enjoy our complete wine tasting kit.

Our Italian wine instructor will introduce you to the techniques of tasting wine and teach you the tricks of the trade!

The Package Include:







6 Bottles tasting

246€  159€

Suggested for max 7 guests

  • Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG
  • White Tuscan Blend IGT Toscana
  • Chianti Classico DOCG
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG
  • Baldassarre  (Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet)
  • Morellino di Scansano DOCG
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
*maximum alcohol content: 15% VOL

*All the products are shipped from our warehouse in Chicago.  Contact us if you want to make a custom wine case.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Your friends, our wines!


The virtual wine tasting will be the perfect occasion to spend some time together and have fun while drinking some amazing Italian wines!

Our expert wine instructor will present you a real class of wine tasting: you will learn the wine production process, the etiquette and the correct posture of the glass, all the organoleptic, olfactory and sensorial characteristics.

At the end of this journey you will be able to choose the right wine for every occasion!

This wine tasting will be directly to your home! A Home Wine Tasting!

How the virtual online wine tasting class works


Set up the class with us, invite your friends and choose your favorite wine package.


You will receive the package directly to your home before the class. The shipping is free


Enjoy the virtual wine tasting with our wine instructor via Zoom.

What will you learn during the virtual wine tasting class?


Wine tasting kit: 6 Tuscan wines to taste that your will receive at home


Virtual wine tasting class 60-90 min long


Zoom call with our wine expert

Live Wine Tasting with Italian Instructor

You will have the opportunity to learn everything about our Italian wines and eno-gastronomic culture.

The virtual class is typically 60-90 minutes long, and is available by booking only and can be set up together with you according to your availability; participants will receive invitations through email.

During the virtual experiences, you will have the opportunity to shop our products at a special price. You will be able to ask questions and talk with the wine instructor to receive more information and details about the topics of the class.

We will be very happy to set a virtual wine tasting class with you!
Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the organization.

What our Clients say

January 8, 2021

“Grazie mille for a wonderful wine tasting event. All of our friends loved your demonstration and we are all excited to visit you in Tuscany this summer!”


February 2, 2021

“Today’s class was exceptional. I decided to treat myself and bring the taste of Tuscany to me, right here in Los Angeles!! Thank you for making such excellent wines, fast shipping, great service. Your Chianti is probably my favorite chianti out there.”

Mary Jane

January 17, 2021

“We had the best virtual wine tasting! I highly recommend it, we are in the US and would love to go in person bur since we cannot go this time, they brought it to us! Educational and fun, and delicious wine! ”


Book now your Online Virtual Wine Tasting Class

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Tenuta Torciano


Tenuta Torciano is a secret jewel in the heart of Tuscany, near San Gimignano and centrally located between Siena and Florence. Its history sees 13 generations of winemakers who have been able to give life to high quality wines, where the knowledge of ancient cultivation methods blends with modern technologies.

Here you will discover the warmth of Tuscan hospitality and the simplicity of good living, which have been handed down from father to son for 300 years. Walking in the open air, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the fruits of nature, listening to the peaceful flow of water: these are the most precious moments to live and share with loved ones.

Tenuta Torciano, with hectares and hectares of vineyards, a truffle ground with more than 700 trees and a green garden and vegetable garden full of vegetables, is an oasis of peace that favors contact with nature.

Tenuta Torciano Winery
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