Cooking & Wine Tasting Virtual Classes

Take part in our interactive virtual Cooking Classes with Italian Chefs

Italian Cooking Classes & Wine Tasting

Our chef will welcome you to the magical art of how to make your favorite pizza

Wine Tasting Lesson with Wine Instructor

Taste prestigious labels and great vintages and learn about Italian wines

Your friends, our wines & our recipes!

Let’s organize together a LIVE virtual cooking class with our chefs and friends.
Make some food together with us, eat together your friends, and let us make your days a little more fun.

The virtual wine tasting will be the perfect occasion to spend some time together and have fun while drinking some amazing Italian wines!
Our expert wine instructor will present you a real class of wine tasting.

How a Virtual Experience works

Book the Date

If you are looking for an authentic and exclusive way to experience typical Italian flavors, this is the one for you. Set up the class with us, invite your friends and have fun during our class!

Receive the Box

Choose your favorite cooking and wine tasting virtual experience. We will send a wine box directly to your home before the class. You only have to shop the ingredients to prepare the meal!

The Class

At the time of your class, we will video call you through Zoom. Our classes are tailored around you: sessions can vary from hands-on experiences to “sit back and relax”. We will discuss in advance to meet your preferences.

Make a Gift

Give someone a gift card that includes the details of the virtual cooking experience and let them book the experience on their own schedule.

Let’s cook a Tuscan meal!

Virtual Cooking Class – Tuscan Recipes

Discover how traditional Tuscan family meals are prepared! In this cooking class we will prepare a 3 courses meal and you will taste 2 Tuscan wines along the menu.

€80 per person   (minimum 10 participants)

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It’s Pizza Time!

Virtual Cooking Class – ITALIAN PIZZA

Our pizza chef will welcome you to the magical art of how to make your favorite pizza. You’ll be happy to knead and roll the dough helped by our cook to put it in the oven!

€75 per person   (minimum 10 participants)

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We love Pasta!

Virtual Cooking Class – HOMEMADE PASTA

Learn how to make authentic Italian pasta. Learn how to cut, knead, roll and fill the ravioli. Additionally, the class will mix, form and cut the dumplings, noodles, or other varieties pasta.
€75 per person   (minimum 10 participants)

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Gourmet Dream!

Virtual Cooking Class – HAUTE COUISINE

You will learn the culinary techniques to apply to any style of cuisine and explore Italian food traditions, global cuisines and current trends. Our chef will follow you step by step!

Price on Request

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Vertical Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting Class – 6 Wines

Take part in a real wine tasting class: you will learn the wine production process, the etiquette and the correct posture of the glass, all the organoleptic, olfactory and sensorial characteristics.

€180   per device

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January 8, 2021

“Grazie mille for a wonderful wine tasting event. All of our friends loved your demonstration and we are all excited to visit you in Tuscany this summer!”

Matt W.

February 2, 2021

“Today’s class was exceptional. I decided to treat myself and bring the taste of Tuscany to me, right here in Los Angeles!! Thank you for making such excellent wines, fast shipping, great service. Your Chianti is probably my favorite chianti out there.”

Mary Jane L.

January 17, 2021

“We had the best virtual wine tasting! I highly recommend it, we are in the US and would love to go in person bur since we cannot go this time, they brought it to us! Educational and fun, and delicious wine! ”

Joanne D.

June 11, 2021

“We made the pasta cacio e pepe and it was delicious!! Will be doing this recipe again!! With great olive oil and wine!”

Patti R.

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