Vertical Wine Tasting


The virtual wine tasting will be the perfect occasion to spend some time together and have fun while drinking some amazing Tuscan wines!

Wine is undoubtedly one of the most typical of products “made in Tuscany” and of such high quality and excellence as to be known, appreciated and exported all over the world. When it comes to Tuscan wine, thoughts immediately fly to the area of Chianti, one of the most renowned production areas for its tradition and quality of its wines, where Tenuta Torciano is located.

If you love wine, you will have the opportunity to taste prestigious labels and great vintages. Whether you are blind tasting wine for pleasure or training for one of the systematic deductive tasting method exams, this class will empower you with all the fundamental knowledge for wine tasting.

Our will instructor will show you the key elements to a vine’s growth and the factors that will influence its fruit. In fact, viticulture is a key element as to what determines the quality of wine in your glass. Then you will learn how to identify colors and hues, identify key tasting notes as well as structural elements and the best wine and food pairings. At the end of this journey you will be able to choose the right wine for every occasion!

What you will learn:

 Go step-by-step through the process of tasting: sight, smell and taste
 The right way to pour a glass of wine and how to hold your glass like a “pro”
 Recognize the colors of wine and identify aromas through your nose
 Taste both the structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavors derived from olfaction
  Learn about terroir, the geographical aspects, the climate of the area and the type of soil
 The perfect drinking temperature for different wines
  Pair specific wines with food

About the online class:

  Cooking class is fully interactive.
✓  Our wine instructor accompanies you throughout the entire process.
✓  Ask as many questions as you want!

Duration: 1.5 Hours

You will receive three bottles of our Tuscan wines, that we will taste alongside with the dishes of the menu. Our expert wine instructor will present you the best wine tasting techniques: you will learn the wine production process, the etiquette and the correct posture of the glass, all the organoleptic, olfactory and sensorial characteristics.

The wines we will taste:

    • Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG

    Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a grape variety which was first cultivated on the hills of San Gimignano. It was the first grape variety to be awarded, in 1966, the Denomination of Controlled Origin and in 1993, the D.O.C.G. Straw yellow color tending to golden with age. Fine, penetrating, fresh, fruity bouquet and a delicate, fruity flavour with a characteristic bitterish aftertaste.

    • Chianti DOCG

    A grape-variety of Sangiovese and Canaiolo. A wine of ancient origins, the territories of which were extended in 1716 by the Grand Ducal Proclamation to beyond the hills, known as Chianti. It’s characterized by a bright red color tending to garnet with age. His bouquet is intense and fruity and its flavour is austere, full-bodied, tasty and slightly tannic, refining to smooth and velvety with time. This wine goes well with roast game, red meat and spicy cheeses, pasta and risotto with meat sauce.

    • Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG

    Selected grapes of Prugnolo. The Tuscan grape requires a long growing season and a sunny September. This vintage offered both. The bouquet opens to wild fruit aromas with distinct mineral tones that define and delineate the aromatic offering. The mouthfeel reveals good complexity and lots of bright freshness. His color is a strong ruby, brilliant colour tending to garnet with age. Its boquet is strong with light-violet fragrance, elegant with Sapid, mellow and soft-velvet flavour.

    • Rosso di Montalcino DOC

    This wine is made exclusively from Sangiovese grapes, cultivated in hilly areas with good exposure and harvested by hand at an altitude of 400m a.s.l. It has a deep ruby red color with a persistent, expressing bouquet that have characteristic cent of forest fruits. The flavor is wam and dry, with an evident character; calm and aristocratic hints of wood can be perceived amidst the typical herbaceous notes.

    • Super Tuscan “Baldassarre” IGT Toscana

    This Wine is a blend of Sangiovese grosso, Cabernet e Merlot. This combination, with the clay-based soil and particular climate, are the ingredients which create a superior red nectar. With a deep ruby red color tending to garnet with age has a round, complete and elegant bouquet. Hints of wood can be perceived amidst the typical herbaceous notes. Its flavour is dry, full and smooth.

    • Rosè Wine IGT Toscana

    The Tuscan red grapes are vinified in rosè by soft pressing to obtain this rosé wine. The nose is characterized by fresh fruity and floral aromas reminiscent of pink grapefruit, strawberry and dog rose. On the palate it is balanced, soft and fragrant. When tasted, it conquers with its fruity character, enlivened by flavor and freshness that invite you to taste it again and make it particularly pleasant to sip.


    Tenuta Torciano is a secret jewel in the heart of Tuscany, near San Gimignano, in a central position between Siena and Florence. The family history embraces 13 generations of winemakers who have been able to give life to high quality wines.

    Here you will discover the warmth of a Tuscan family and the simplicity of good living, which have been handed down from father to son for 300 years. Walking in the open air, enjoying the countryside and the fruits of nature, listening to the peaceful flow of water: these are the most precious moments to live and share with loved ones.

    Tenuta Torciano, with hectares and hectares of vineyards, a truffle ground with more than 700 trees and a green garden and vegetable garden full of vegetables, is an oasis of peace that favors the contact with nature.

    Today the historic production of the estate includes the most famous Tuscan wine denominations: Vernaccia in San Gimignano, Sangiovese in Chianti area, Brunello in Montalcino, Bolgheri in Livorno, Morellino, Malbec and Petit Verdot in Poggio Moreto, and we also have some olive groves, dedicated to DOP and Chianti Classico oil.


    per device

    Class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

    What’s included:

    • 1.5 hours Wine Tasting school with our wine instructor
    • 1 bottle of Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG (White red wine)
    • 1 bottle of Chianti DOCG (Tuscan red wine)
    • 1 bottle of Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG (Tuscan red wine)
    • 1 bottle of Rosso di Montalcino DOCG (Tuscan red wine)
    • 1 bottle of Super Tuscan “Baldassarre” IGT Toscana (Tuscan red wine)
    • 1 bottle of Rosè IGT Toscana (Tuscan rosè wine)

    Wine for the virtual kit

    • Vernaccia di San Gimignano D.O.C.G.
    • Chianti Crete Rosse D.O.C.G.
    • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G.
    • Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C.
    • Baldassarre Super Tuscan IGT Toscana
    • Rosé Wine IGT Toscana

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